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Shay was a vibrant girl

who loved to discover, but her trouble with reading had her frustrated to tears and falling behind in class. But then, she found Hill School. Now, she’s exploring exciting new chapters in her journey.

Core Values Academics O-G Program
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Sam’s difficulty

with communication skills had him feeling left out and socially left behind. But then, he found Hill School. Now, his success in the classroom and on the basketball court with his teammates is almost all he can talk about.

Social Skill Building Athletics College & Career Guidance
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Miranda’s struggle

with focus and concentration was preventing her from academic success. But then, she found Hill School. Now, she’s able to direct her attention to being on top of her science homework and other assignments.

In the Classroom Extracurriculars Success Stories
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Jax’s grades

began drastically deteriorating because he couldn’t read his own notes. And his struggle with writing caused great anxiety and never revealed his true ability. But then, he found Hill School. Now, he’s writing a much happier story.

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